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Maria Hadjilouka

Maria graduated from the European University in Cyprus, in 2018 with a first honours bachelor degree, in Physiotherapy. She gained experience in numerous expertise areas such as Musculoskeletal, Elderly rehab, Neurorehabilitation, Cardiorespiratory and Sport Massage. Maria has been working as a full-time physiotherapist in our center since 2018, and has attended numerous post graduate courses, such as Ergon IASTM myofascial technique, Kinetic Flossing technique and is a certified APPI Clinical Pilates instructor, after attending it in the UK. Maria is due to finish her MSc Sports Physiotherapy in the European University, in the year 2021.

Maria is an active member of the Cyprus Physiotherapy Association and an active member of the Policlinic Ygia private Hospital in Limassol.

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