Back Pain Treatment

What causes back pain?

Back pain has a wide variety of causes, from trying to pick up a heavy parcel incorrectly to spending too long sitting in one position. If you are feeling very anxious or stressed this can make your pain worse. Back pain is very rarely caused by serious health conditions. Most people recover quickly from their back pain, if it is managed properly

How can I help myself?

There is a lot you can do to help yourself. Continuing with your usual work and activities, as much as possible, can help your back pain. Exercises can reduce your back pain and help to prevent it returning. The right sort of exercise, as advised by a physio, can make a big difference. Research has shown lower back pain may return if it is ignored. Lifestyle changes, such as being more active and improving your posture, are important

How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists offer a range of treatments that are effective with back pain. Your physio will also advise you on appropriate exercise and pain relief. If you see a physio quickly, this can not only speed up recovery but also prevent the problem happening again. Clinical studies and research have shown that physiotherapy works well for managing back pain. Back pain is classed as a ‘musculoskeletal disorder’ (MSD), one of the main causes of people being off sick from work. Physiotherapy is extremely effective with MSDs. In one study, 80 per cent of people who had physiotherapy for their MSD were able to carry on working and did not have to go off sick

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